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Driving Academy - Open World is the most realistic car simulator game in 2023. Here is an exciting driving …

Driving Academy – Open World is the most realistic car simulator game in 2023. Here is an exciting driving game for all you car lovers. With realistic simulation mechanics, enhanced graphics, and a wide range of cars, indulge in a fun open-world drive and much more.

Open World Driving
An open-world true to its name, where you can drive endlessly in your favorite cars and enjoy a large map with realistic graphics. Drive a wide range of vehicles from a racing car to a pick-up truck, around a beautiful map created for you. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the outskirts as well as the busy city streets on a single map, as you cruise around.

Open World Driving Features
Passenger Mode – Pick and drop a wide range of passengers, and earn coins as you play. Show your driving skills as you drive the passenger, to earn maximum points. The game offers a wide range of interesting passengers, right from a pilot to a chef and from a cowboy to a vampire!!

Speed Control – Contrary to what you’re thinking, speed control is to make sure you never slow down! Maintain your speed higher than a minimum speed, and reach your destination in time. This is the perfect way to show your driving skills in style, as you never step off the gas!

Valet Parking – Take up exciting parking challenges in the open world. Car parking is always a challenge, even for an ace driver. The valet parking mode gives you an opportunity to show your parking skills, from parallel parking to parking at a difficult spot. Show your parking prowess and make sure there are no dents.

Day-Time Modes – Offering realistic day, night, and dusk modes to add a fun element to your drive. And the best part is, you can change the mode with a click while you are driving. Now start driving with the sun overhead and switch it to a moonlit highway in no time.

Mini-Map – While you can drive around the entire open world, you can also pick the destination spots you wish to drive to. The mini-map allows you to pick your destination and sets navigation so that you reach it easily.

The game allows you to take driving challenges as you play to bring out that ace driver in you. With realistic game mechanics, beautiful graphics, and a swift simulator, driving around was never this fun.

And to add to all glory, the game offers a wide range of 135+ vehicles, ranging from sports cars to vintage sedans to trucks. Own all the cars in your own garage. You can also customize all your cars with a wide range of decals, rims, neons, paints, etc to make the entire driving experience grand!

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Last updated on Aug 31, 2023

- 3 Stunning NEW Cars added! Available at special launch discounts! - Challenging NEW 911 missions added in Washington City! Experience the thrill of being an emergency responder! The game has been enhanced for a much better and more enjoyable driving and playing experience with this update!