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Join the official Discord community to get the latest news and detailed game information! Discord: Explore the charm of Arab …

Join the official Discord community to get the latest news and detailed game information!

Explore the charm of Arab culture and experience the rise of the Arab Empire thousands of years ago! We will restore the magnificent history, and you will decide the rise and fall at your fingertips.
In conquering the continent, you will become a great Sultan, establish a magnificent empire, summon brave and skilled heroes, train fearless armies, form alliances with trustworthy allies, and build the strongest Arab Empire! It takes ten years to sharpen a sword, and passion never cools. Let us become the strongest kings of this golden age together!

[Game Features]

☆Respect for culture, history restored☆
Restore various buildings full of Arab style, gather famous Arab historical figures from different periods, dance with the wind and sand, lush oases, and deep blue sea. With a slight movement of your fingertips, it feels like going back to the Arab era thousands of years ago and experiencing the magnificent tide of history.

☆Build a powerful Arab Empire☆
Upgrade your castle, develop technology, train soldiers, hone heroes, and fight monsters and gather resources. You are the only leader of the entire city-state. Under your glorious leadership, the city-state can become stronger day by day and become the most powerful Arab Empire to conquer the continent!

☆Gather heroes and fight in all directions☆
Many famous historical figures are waiting for your summons! They have powerful skills and skilled leadership abilities. As long as you equip them with equipment and crests and upgrade them, they will lead soldiers to charge into battle and crush the enemy!

☆Strategic battles and alliances☆
Use your strategy, cleverly use troop counters, Hero counters, formation coordination, Pet skills, Prestige skills, and Equipment, unite with your friends, and win every battle in different battlefields!

☆Gather in a guild and fight to be king☆
Guilds are the foundation of survival. Join a powerful guild or create your own from scratch. Call your allies and participate in intense and exciting guild gameplay, guild wars, territory battles, Palace Warfare, cross-server battles, Sovereign Strife, lost battlefields, etc. In the waves of sand, can you win the ultimate victory, have the highest authority and well-known reputation, and command the world?

☆Fun gameplay and abundant rewards☆
Discover treasures, Sovereign of Storms, Wind and Sand Control, Monument Scouring, etc. These gameplays with Arab characteristics bring you a lot of freshness. Enjoy the fun of gameplay while exploring and obtaining numerous treasures!

☆Superb social interaction and smooth chatting☆
Powerful social functions, real-time translation in multiple languages, Kingdom chat, Guild chat, private chat, or various group chats, allow you to communicate with lords from various countries without barriers. There are also dynamic expressions, chat boxes, custom avatars, etc., making your communication with other lords more interesting and lively.


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Last updated on Dec 10, 2023

Version 5.5.0 Update Content: 1. New Feature: War of Attrition 2. New Events: Investment Tycoon, Guild Partners 3. New City Skin: Spatial Inversion 4. New Hero Chronicles: Zarqa, Malik 5. New Crimson Flame Imperial City theme Skins: Stables, Workshop, Guard Tower, Farm 6. UI optimizations and bug fixes