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LOST in Blue 2: Fate’s Island is Available on Android Now

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October 19, 2023

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Volcano Forces has released the official Android version of their survival strategy game, LOST in Blue 2: Fate’s Island. This game serves as a sequel to their previous title, LOST in BLUE. The story revolves around a survivor who finds themselves stranded on an unfamiliar island after a devastating plane crash.

LOST in Blue 2 Game Features

Prepare yourself for an exciting and suspenseful experience as you become a survivor who has been stranded on a distant island after a devastating plane accident. Your main goal in the game is to overcome the challenges of this enigmatic island and discover hope amidst all the confusion. Join forces with fellow survivors to build camps and navigate through this mysterious terrain, encountering both natural obstacles and hidden dangers along your thrilling journey of exploration.

LOST in Blue 2: Fate's Island official launch

Experience a vibrant gaming environment in LOST in Blue 2: Fate’s Island where the scenery transforms from day to night and across all four seasons. Adjust your strategies according to the ever-changing weather conditions, including sunny days or thunderstorms. Every type of weather brings its own challenges that require careful handling. Encounter an extensive variety of inhabitants, each with their distinct traits and personal history.

To guarantee the satisfaction of residents and ensure the success of the community, it is important to carefully observe how they behave in different weather conditions and at various times throughout the day. It is crucial to strike a balance between your camp’s energy levels, level of enjoyment, cleanliness, and overall well-being. The main objective should be meeting these essential factors effectively.

LOST in Blue 2: Fate’s Island is now available on Android

LOST in Blue 2: Fate’s Island is now officially released for Android devices. Players who are interested can watch the official trailer video below.

The game will be initially free to play, but players can make in-app purchases. You can download the game from APKPure on your Android devices. However, there is no information available yet regarding when it will be launched on iOS devices.

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